The Brain

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning


The scope of this project is gaining theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of KR&R by applying it in a real project. First, I am currently learning the basics of the field as an insightful overview. Second, I will focus on the main subareas and understand its state-of-the-art while practising what learned. Third, I will integrate KR&R module into Eve to increase its potential and practise its development for a real application.


One of the requirements of Eve is the integration of a voice interface for communication with the network. Thus, an NLP solution must be applied based on a knowledge base. To define the best implementation, I am practising with the spaCy library. This may serve as a starting point for such a module which will be replaced in time by a customized one integrated with my KR&R application. For further research, I will employ NLTK.