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Curriculum Vitae

AI & Robotics Engineer

4i, Seville, Spain                                                                                 2020.12 – present

As an AI researcher, I am the team leader in the study of knowledge representation and reasoning enhanced
capabilities bioinspired in neuroscience. We develop a cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning system
communicated via attention. Currently working on the first publication and preliminary characterization

As a robotics engineer, I am part of an international consortium for projects of Honda Research
Institute. We implement and deploy robot-human interaction capabilities, including computer vision, natural language processing, and behavior control.

Robotics Researcher                      

Robotics, Vision And Control Group, Seville, Spain                          2017.9 – 2020.4 

– Participation in IDRON project focused on providing a fully-autonomous UAV with capabilities to explore and inspect confined spaces using only onboard sensors and processors for mapping, localization and decision-making. Research on Machine Learning algorithms for safe drone navigation and task development. Use of behavior tree for mission state management.

– Design, management and control of real cooperative missions of aerial robots for participation in the European GAUSS and SAFEDRONE projects aimed at the development of services for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Traffic Management (UTM) airspace management. Use of ROS-MAGNA, a decentralized system based on state machines for definition and control of multi UAV missions. Creation of scenario modelling tool for spatial information modelling.

– Contribution to the development of an abstraction layer in C++ for fixed-wing UAVs employing the Mavlink protocol using the MavROS library.

– Part of the design team and definition of the framework of the UTM provider.

Junior Engineer

  Automation & Robotics Department at CATEC, Seville, Spain       2014.8 – 2015.2

– European Robotics Challenges (EUROC): Generation of trajectories for transport, collision avoidance, cooperation and riveting with a 6-degree robotic arm of freedom using Kinect and stereo cameras. Treatment of point clouds for gestural recognition. Simulation in ROS, GAZEBO and implementation in C++.

– Engine installation and the composition of its control in position (SIMVA project). Creation of CATIA parts, not only for prototyping but also for their 3D printing (projects DIANA and ARCAS for Airbus).


Domonova, Seville, Spain                                                                     2017.6 – 2018.9

Design, programming and installation of domotic systems.

Erasmus Traineeship                        

University Of Parma, Parma, Italy                      2016.2 – 2016.7

Laser treatment on the surface of ceramic materials to change rugosity for the dental industry by controlling parameters like power, frequency, speed, pattern, etc. As well as doing different measures required with a microscope, roughness meter and temperature sensor.

3D design Engineer

Isbitech (Startup), Seville, Spain         2015.4 – 2016.1

3D designing and printing of a device for neuroimaging, based on the reception of cerebral activity by electroencephalography.


Red Cross, Seville      2019.7 – present

Local humain aid

Industrial Engineering, mention in Automation and Robotics  

University Of Seville, Spain         2010.10 – 2019.6

  • Master of Science.
  • Bachelor of Science.
Machine Learning                               

Online courses                              2017.1 – present

Reinforcement Learning                              

Online resources                            2019.2 – present

Future Leaders MBA    

ThePowerMBA (online)      2020.7 – present

Master of Science: Development of Unmanned Air Systems 

International University Of Andalusia, Seville, Spain          2015.9 – 2016.12

Red Cross volunteers formation       

Seville and online      2019.8 – present

  • Programming languages:
    • Strong: Python, C++
    • Basic: Problog, Julia, C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and SQL.
  • Machine Learning with Tensorflow, Keras and PyTorch. Data manipulation and analysis.
  • ROS and libraries.
  • MATLAB and Simulink.
  • 3D design and print.
  • Domotic solutions: KNX and openHAB
  • Micro-controller programming: RaspberryPi, Arduino and Texas Instrument.
  • Domotic technologies.
  • Web editing with WordPress and hosting
  • Mobile applications
  • Problem-solving and decision making on multidiscipline
  • Leadership and project management
  • Working independently and with a team.
  • Spanish (native)
  • English (C1)
  • Italian (B2)
  • French (basic)